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Marketing has been a big part of my life over the past ten years. When I sold my first business, I focused on what I loved the most; web design and SEO. After five years of helping businesses across the country, I decided to scale back on client work and focus on personal projects while experimenting with new marketing strategies.

In addition to helping small business clients of Motivo Media, I began creating content for brands like Thor, Airstream, JBL, Ram, Nobu and Hotel Indigo. In 2020, content creation became Motivo Media’s largest service.

After two great years of focusing on video production and content creation, I decided to go full-time into metaverse development. I’m currently focusing on The Sandbox, but will be expanding services as technology across other platforms improve.

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Seeking out new experiences and telling stories is at the core of my personality. I spent 2018 traveling around the world followed by another year exploring the US in my Airstream. During that time, I reflected on the lessons I learned since starting my first business 10 years ago and developed a strategy to promote continuous personal growth while helping clients of Motivo Media. The more I learn, the more I can help my clients. That’s why I’m constantly experimenting with new marketing strategies on my own businesses and share the good, bad and “uh oh” lessons with my clients.

Clients can expect complete honesty and transparency, excellent communication, punctual deadlines and continuous support once the project is complete.

I work with freelancers who take just as much pride in their work as I do. Together, we’re able to produce quality assets quickly and more passionately than someone doing the work as just a job.


Preventing the burnout

While growing my second business, I learned that burning out was not beneficial to anyone. If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you know the feeling. It was tough to take a step back, but I learned that traveling allows me to reset mentally, remain grounded and come back ready to crush my next set of goals. Not only does this benefit me personally, but I feel much more confident providing the best possible work for my clients.

One of the first countries I visited was Iceland. I bought my first drone, hopped on a flight the next day and learned to film while exploring one of the most majestic countries in the world. I now visit the country at least once a year for that much needed reset.

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