Motivo Monthly | August


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We’re usually reading at least one book a month, but this month we’re reading material to prepare for the FAA Part 107 exam at the end of the month. The purpose of this exam is to obtain our official UAV (drone) pilot license so we can provide commercial services for our clients. If you’re in need of a new book though you can read a blog post I did on my personal website, 8 Books Worth Reading.


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Imagine what might be possible if more organizations embraced the full, empowering potential of technology & encouraged an open, collaborative & flexible working culture. The video is two years old, but it’s interesting to see how many companies are still stuck in the “old” way of doing things.


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REI is one of my favorite brands and is worth following. While many retail stores are experiencing declining sales, REI continues to grow financially and socially. They experienced 9% growth in revenue for 2015 and continue to maintain one of my favorite digital campaigns, #OptOutside. This is a great example of how a company needs to stand for something and connect with customers instead of just sell them on their product. Not only does REI display this across social media, but their president continuously talks about what the company stands for. “When REI is doing well, we can do more for the outdoor community,” says Stritzke in his President’s Message. “As REI grows profitably, we can invest more in our people, in our members, and in our nonprofit partners.”

That’s why I recommend following REI if you’re looking for a little inspiration regarding social media or brand representation. Launch of #OptOutside commercial below.


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I’m currently shooting a video of Austin and including one of the most wonderful experiences in the city; I-35 traffic. If you live in Austin then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been on I-35, I can explain it as the worst driving experience I’ve ever had from anywhere in the world. I snapped this photo while shooting footage and it has a somewhat peaceful feel to it. If only that was the case from the ground.

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