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Motivo Monthly | July


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The Pokemon Go craze reminded me of The Tipping Point so I decided to read it again. What is it about Pokemon Go that made it the most successful mobile game ever? What made it spread so quickly? Besides exploring why things go viral, The Tipping Point does a great job reminding you that the small things matter. Pick it up at a local bookstore or Amazon.


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I spend a lot of time thinking about the future and predicting trends. No matter how quickly technology changes or how automated lives are becoming, people still value a personal connection. They want to feel part of something and with others. That includes the brands they support.


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Virtual reality and augmented reality are projected to be a combined $120 billion market by 2020. The immediate success of Pokemon Go is a clear indicator that the interest and demand is already growing. I spent an entire day understanding the app and how it can potentially impact businesses. The possibilities make me extremely excited and I’ll be focusing on how this new marketing channel can help my clients. Keep an eye on this growing opportunity and let’s discuss how your business can benefit from it.