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Motivo Monthly | February & March

How is it Q2 of 2017 already? 2017 started off as the most innovative and exciting year so far at Motivo and there’s no plan on slowing down. I’ve been quite focused on a couple new projects in the video production/360 space, which is why I’m combining the past two months into one post.

In addition to 360 film, I’ve been working on 360 websites. I’m quite excited to see where this progression goes and will certainly provide updates in the near future.

As 360 becomes more standard on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, we’re going to be seeing much more content from bigger brands and then smaller brands to follow. I began testing a new platform that I would compare to YouTube for only 360 videos, but on a much smaller scale. If you’re interested in 360 content I would recommend downloading the app on their website and finding my personal username, anthonytori to see a few examples of where the technology currently is.

The Power of Traveling

Motivo Media
As a lot of my close clients know, I travel a lot. Not only do I travel for personal improvement and enjoyment, but it helps my clients, too. That’s because the majority of my ideas and experiments are born outside the US and away from the office. To kick off the 2017 traveling/business improvement tour, I took a road trip through the south island of New Zealand.

How People Reminded me of a Business Lesson

The beauty of New Zealand is something I recommend experiencing at some point in your life. It’s a great place to clear the head, deeply focus on business decisions or just enjoy the now. Although those reasons are enough to visit the country, I found that the people left an impact on me just as much as the scenic beauty.

My experience with the people motivated me to revisit something Tim Ferris mentions quite often, which is to focus on obtaining 1,000 true fans/customers. 1,000 people who are really connected to you and your brand. If you haven’t read any of his books I would recommend picking up Tools of Titans, which I mentioned in an earlier post. He covers this point a few times throughout the book so you may find it useful.

The reason the people of New Zealand reminded me of this lesson is because they’re very genuine and authentic. It was easy to make an instant connection that felt more authentic than the majority of experiences I have with people. This is important because I remember the people, I miss the people and I want to go back because of the people. I find this crucial in today’s marketing environment because the businesses who make it easy for people to feel a true connection to their brand are the ones who will see growth in the future.

The Year of True Connections

Motivo Media
I would recommend looking at your branding, the content you share, email campaigns, your customer service and other customer touch points and ask yourself if your message is inviting. Are the customer touch points helping your business build a true connection?

After my visit to New Zealand, I coined 2017 as the year of connections. How can your business more efficiently and authentically make true connections with your customers this year and beyond?