Preferred Hosting for WordPress Websites

Everything we do focuses on your customer’s experience. If the experience begins with your website then site speed and reliability will impact your conversions. This is because lower page response time results in an increase in page abandonment and provides a sub-par experience. This is especially true if you happen to have an e-commerce shop, where load speeds should be two seconds or less. I could provide more statistics regarding the importance of optimized hosting, but it can all be summed up by the fact that people have less patience and expect things now. If you can’t provide that, they’ll go somewhere else.


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If you happen to have a website using WordPress then I highly recommend using hosting from WP Engine. After testing out their hosting I visited my rep, Ryan at their Austin, Texas headquarters to discuss what really separates them from other hosting companies. The first point worth mentioning is that they only host WordPress websites so everything they do is optimized for the platform. Other features I really like about Wp Engine below.


The first thing you’ll notice when switching your hosting is the increased site speed. This is the most important factor for me and I’m extremely happy with the site performance when hosted on WP Engine. Another customer of WP Engine, Ben Bennett is also a big supporter. He’s quoted saying “WP Engine flawlessly served over 71 million page views in 24 hours for the CMA Awards on ABC. It was THE BEST experience the site has ever had… Even better than WP Engine said it was going to be.”


Another big factor in choosing a hosting company is customer support. WP Engine has such a great support team that companies from all different industries should try to replicate it. You’ll never have an issue contacting the company and wait times are usually in the seconds.


Server security is something that occurs in the background, but is extremely important. Small business owners tend to think that they’re too small for hackers to care about them, but this is not true. Many hacks are from bots that search the internet for sites with known vulnerabilities. We’ve seen it many times and fixing these hacks is something we don’t enjoy charging for. We want your investment going towards improvements or advertising.


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Switching your website hosting to WP Engine is extremely easy. You can work with them on your own starting at $30 a month for a personal account or work with us and be hosted on a Professional plan for $25 a month. Professional plans include additional features like CDN, which helps with additional site speed improvements. You can compare all of their plans at WP Engine. This is also a service that is included in all of our monthly Performance Marketing packages. Below are a few pictures from my visit to the WP Engine office.

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Anthony at WP Engine
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