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Rent Available Now Websites

Why does Netflix release every episode of a season at once? Why does Amazon offer same day delivery? Why are dating apps so popular? People want things NOW, from their favorite TV show to love. And the rise of on-demand services are only increasing our expectations for fast delivery and instant gratification. We get it.

We also get that waiting for your website to be developed can be annoying, time consuming and a process that some people don’t find as exciting as us. That’s why we’re beginning to offer “available now” websites that only require a few modifications to fit your business’ needs.


We’ve always been fans of simple websites and we’re getting even simpler. Here’s why. Just as people are expecting things now, they also don’t want to spend five minutes on your website figuring out what you do and why your business is better than others. This is especially true for mobile users. That means getting to the point quickly and not overwhelming potential customers with information. That’s what our available now websites are meant to do.

We make the sites simple across all devices. There is a difference between a responsive website and a mobile optimized website. We focus on making the website mobile optimized instead of building it “one for all” devices.

Going simpler doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty. It means being creative and using images, videos or other visuals to help draw in potential customers. We happen to love photography and include our own content on every available now website.


Another big reason we’re making our available now websites simpler is because we’re focusing on generating reviews for our clients. This is something you HAVE to do. This year. ASAP. 90% of people are influenced by online reviews and they will either help convert customers or push them away. Reviews also improve SEO. So, if you do not have a CRM or review strategy in place we can help with that, too.


Motivo Media

We’ve worked with law firms more than any other industry so we’re starting with attorneys. This site is perfect for a solo attorney focusing on AVVO reviews. We’re currently in Austin, Texas so we created the site for an attorney in this area, specifically in criminal defense, but can be changed based on your location. We used our own aerial photos, which will only be on one site. We’ll never have duplicated images across multiple sites.

In addition to the website, we’re including hosting from our favorite provider, wpengine, which is a $30/month value. Site speed matters and we find speeds 3-4x faster with their hosting compared to bloated bargain companies (You will see the difference in speed when you view the test site and when we transfer it to the improved hosting).

Since this is our first available now website we’re offering it for $250/month, including the performance hosting.