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Reviews Across Multiple Platforms Just Became Even More Important

At the end of 2014 I stopped focusing on SEO. I still believe in optimizing a website and building authoritative backlinks (the legit way), but that’s about it. Instead, I’ve been harping on clients to build up their reviews across multiple platforms across the web. This is the single most important strategy you can implement right now in order to improve your local search conversions and will only become more important as more businesses start to heavily focus on their review strategy.

Business owners know how important reviews are, but the majority of them fail to implement any kind of review strategy. I contribute the failure to the time burden of executing a manual review strategy. However, collecting reviews doesn’t have to be a timely process, especially when there are automated CRM platforms to help. I’ve found great success with my CRM of choice and highly encourage any small business owner to try it out for at least a couple months.

Google recently updated their local search results to show your business’ reviews from other websites, not just Google’s. Take a look at the picture below and focus on the highlighted blue area that shows “Reviews from the web.” You can see that Google is pulling reviews from Facebook and YP for this business. Depending on your business, Google will pull in reviews from different websites. You can also do a search for your favorite restaurants, business or online store. You will likely see reviews being pulled in from OpenTable, Zomato, Foursquare and other apps.

Motivo Media

Building up reviews across multiple platforms is going to be one of the biggest strategy trends in the very near future.
Google’s recent change only confirms this and shows the importance of obtaining reviews in as many reputable places on the web as possible. I can’t stress enough how important encouraging reviews is not only to the search engines but potential clients who are validating you online before ever contacting you. If you want to know how a CRM can help build legitimate reviews on a continuous basis give me a call at (773) 789-7033 or send me an email at [email protected]