Gucci Enters The Spatial Content Space

Gucci Enters The Spatial Content Space

Mar 18, 2024Anthony Tori

Starting April 3rd, Apple Vision Pro users will be able to experience something unique: they'll step into the augmented world of the documentary 'Who is Sabato De Sarno? A Gucci Story'.

While the Apple Vision Pro has primarily been associated with e-commerce applications, Gucci is taking it to another level with a specially curated experience.

This marks a groundbreaking approach to storytelling and brand interaction through spatial computing, opening up new dimensions for engagement. We've been experimenting with this form of content creation since the release of Apple Vision Pro and are very excited to watch this space grow. 

So, what exactly does this experience entail?

Gucci's collaboration with Apple Vision Pro offers users a unique peek behind the scenes of the Gucci Ancora fashion show, the inaugural showcase of the House's new Creative Director, Sabato De Sarno.

Participants will be able to transform their surroundings, stepping into the world of Gucci Ancora, where they can interact with 3D elements and immerse themselves in the brand's creativity and artistry.

Why is this such a big deal?

Spatial computing has the potential to completely reshape how brands connect with their audience. Gucci's focus on crafting personalized, emotionally resonant experiences underscores their commitment to meaningful engagement. This activation transcends traditional e-commerce approaches, setting new standards for luxury branding.

Excited to dive into this revolutionary experience? Mark your calendars for April 3rd when the exclusive Apple Vision Pro activation drops on the App Store.

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