Spatial Content Creators

Spatial videos, photographs, and 3D objects are set to revolutionize the way individuals engage with content, interact with brands, and maintain personal relationships. The Apple Vision Pro is launching in early 2024, but we're already capturing content for clients so they're prepared. To learn more about how to create spatial content for your brand contact us today.

Immersive Product Experiences

Immersive e-commerce, an emerging trend that blends technology like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D imaging with online shopping, offers a unique and interactive experience to consumers. Brands experimenting with immersive content have seen increased conversion rates, reduction in return rates and improved brand engagement.

From Storytelling to Story-playing

We've worked with brands globally since 2009 to help tell stories. With spatial content and immersive experiences, brands will now be able to offer story-playing experiences. We believe this will have a much higher impact than conventional content in terms of sales, reduced returns and brand loyalty.

Spatial Content Will Improve Lives

Apple's Vision Pro and similar spatial content technology is set to improve lives through enhancing educational experiences, revolutionizing remote work, advancing healthcare training, making world exploration more accessible, transforming the retail experience with interactive shopping, elevating fitness routines with immersive programs, offering personalized entertainment, aiding architectural design, enriching social interactions, making art and culture more accessible, preserving cherished memories, bridging long-distance family connections, providing therapeutic applications for grief, creating immersive children's storytelling, and sharing cultural heritage in engaging ways.

Let's Talk Spatial Content

With over five years of experience in creating VR experiences, we've gained a deep understanding of the distinct filming approach required for professional spatial content. Although we're unable to share examples created with the Apple Vision Pro before its release, we are actively producing content for our clients, ensuring they have immersive experiences ready to launch alongside the new technology.