We design and develop in The Sandbox

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a gaming metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain where users can create, sell, use, and make money from their virtual NFTs. The creators, Pixowl, had already experienced success with similar games in 2011 and 2016 and wanted to bring this to the blockchain, allowing people to own their creations as NFTs and be rewarded for being a part of the ecosystem.

We design custom Sandbox NFT assets

We've designed Sandbox assets based on real-world places like The Matterhorn and Delicate Arch, as well as imaginative concepts from talks with clients.

Full Game Development

From concept to digital reality, we're capable of the entire process, including full game development. Our first game, Find Amelia was a top 10 Game Jam winner and featured in S2 & S3.

Find Amelia

What really happened to Amelia Earhart when her plane disappeared during a flight in 1937? Did she crash? Was she captured? Nobody truly knows what happened, but we think it’s possible she ended up in the metaverse. Play Find Amelia in The Sandbox to find clues as to where she is and to claim a real world reward. Explore the land to view replica planes that Amelia flew, learn a little history in the gallery or browse the 90+ custom assets built for the experience.


A top 10 Game Jam winner featured in S2 & S3

theo & amelia

We fully utilized a 1x1 land to include experiences below and above ground. Unlike the majority of experiences on The Sandbox, theo & amelia is a completely open world without guiding the player with hints. Like the real world, players are encouraged to interact with citizens and explore the landscape to figure out what they need to do.


We all know storytelling is critical in building a brand. The Sandbox allows brands to not only tell their story, but to allow people to experience their story. The theo & amelia experience includes assets and challenges that are directly tied to their brand. We also built a three story building that includes an avatar shop and an area that explains what the fragrance company sells in the real world. In addition to The Sandbox game, we developed and launched a NFT that provides holders a 25% discount off on their website.

theo & amelia

Summit the Matterhorn, browse the avatar shop and explore an open world inspired by real stories.


Avatars give people the chance to be whoever or whatever they want in the metaverse. Judgement free. Don’t feel like being a human this week? Try exploring the metaverse as a dolphin. Identity and self expression in the form of avatars will be one of the most important aspects of the metaverse, which is why we’re constantly building our collection of Sandbox avatars (currently over 100). Not only will avatars play a big role in The Sandbox, but they can also provide real world utility. Ask us how.