We design and develop in Spatial

What is Spatial?

When it comes to creating realistic experiences in VR, Spatial is our preferred metaverse. This platform can be accessed on a web browser, through an app, and on VR headsets. With the recent release of a Unity toolkit, Spatial is positioning itself as one of the leading platforms for building immersive experiences that are only limited by the user's imagination.

We design custom spaces in Spatial

Spatial provides free spaces to begin with, so we suggest checking out their portfolio before making a decision to fully customize. We have been experimenting with Spatial spaces for over a year and have been pushing the boundaries, which is why we now prefer custom spaces. Additionally, we are constructing all future spaces on Unity as it provides greater opportunities for creativity and cross-platform capabilities. If you are seeking something truly unique to your brand's story, we will start by discussing your ideas and presenting visual concepts. Once approved, our design team will bring it to reality.

Ready to Use Templates

We understand that constructing fully customizable spaces in Spatial can be costly and time-consuming. To address this, we are currently developing a series of template designs that brands can utilize and then modify to fit their specific needs and preferences.


Storytelling is important, but story-playing will be the new objective. Spatial offers brands the ability to create truly immersive experiences where individuals can actively participate in their story rather than simply reading about it on a website or through traditional marketing channels. When constructing within Spatial we don't have to think about physics, building permits, costly maintenance, natural disasters, or safety. Whether it's a retail shop orbiting Saturn filled with cyborg tigers, possibilities within Spatial are endless and constrained only by one's imagination, unlike in the real world.

Uzzano by theo & amelia

We utilized content from their website to enhance the storytelling of their fragrance inspired by the Italian town of Uzzano.

Woodland Bay

Custom built space using the Unity toolkit.