Kota | Dragon Samurai

Hidden Village

Nestled deep within the lush, green bamboo forest near the majestic Mount Fuji lies a hidden village, surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural onsens in the land. The village is a peaceful and serene place, where the tall stalks of bamboo sway gently in the breeze and the hot springs bubble with warm, therapeutic waters. The villagers here live a simple and harmonious life, surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature. The bamboo forest provides them with the resources they need to survive, and the onsens offer them a place to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day's work.

The Bamboo Forest

The bamboo forest provides the villagers with all they need to thrive and flourish. It is a source of food, shelter, medicine, and prosperity, and the people of the village are grateful for its many gifts. They look upon the forest with reverence, knowing that it is the source of their well-being, and they work hard to preserve and protect it, so that it will continue to sustain them for generations to come. The towering bamboo stalks provide a bountiful harvest of shoots, which the villagers would use to make all manner of dishes, from stir-fries to soups. The strong and flexible bamboo also makes excellent building materials, and the villagers use it to construct their homes, fences, and even bridges.

The Attack

The peace of the hidden village was suddenly shattered by the sound of shouting and the clash of swords. A group of ninjas had descended upon the village, their black masks and flowing robes striking fear into the hearts of the villagers. The ninjas were relentless, their sharp blades slicing through the air as they charged towards the heart of the village.


The village was plunged into chaos as buildings burned and the air filled with the sound of battle. The ninjas seemed determined to take control of the village and the valuable resources of the bamboo forest, and the villagers were fighting for their very survival.


She stood at the edge of the village, her eyes fixed upon the horde of invaders who threatened to destroy everything she held dear. With a fierce determination, she unsheathed her sword and prepared to leap into battle, her heart filled with a burning desire to protect the villagers and the bamboo forest that had been her home for so long.

The Strike

The battle between the ninjas and Kota was intense, the clanging of swords and the shouting of warriors filling the air. Kota was fighting with all her might, her sword flashing and her movements quick and precise. But despite her skill and bravery, the ninjas were relentless, and they continued to attack, their ancient swords glinting in the light. Suddenly, Kota felt a sharp pain in her side as one of the ninjas struck her with an ancient sword believed to be made from the bones of dragons. The blow was powerful, and Kota staggered, her hand going to her side. Despite the pain, she rallied, her determination to protect the village and the bamboo forest driving her forward. After defeating the last standing Ninja, Kota stumbled to a nearby hot spring, where she submerged herself in the warm, therapeutic waters, hoping to ease her pain and heal her wound.

Dragon Samurai

As the days passed, Kota realized that the wound was not healing. Instead, it was growing, the ancient sword having left a curse upon her that was slowly transforming her into a dragon. Despite this, Kota remained steadfast in her duty, her determination to protect the village and the bamboo forest stronger than ever. What seemed like a curse at first turned into a gift.

Kota's story to be continued in the metaverse...

Kota in The Sandbox

You can find a voxelized version of Kota in The Sandbox experience "The Onsen."

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